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Scout Workshops

The Center for Aquatic Sciences is happy to offer workshops to compliment the Girl Scout Journeys and Boy Scout badges. All workshops are one hour long. Workshops can accommodate up to 30 scouts and 2 leaders (only scouts working on the Journey or badge may attend the workshop. Tag-alongs are welcome to enjoy the aquarium during the workshop, and meet up with the group afterwards.). The cost is $175 per workshop, plus the cost of group admission. Please note: Scout workshops at the aquarium are designed to complement the topics covered on your scoutsí Journey or badge. Workshops do not include completion of the Journey workbook, nor do they fulfill all badge requirements.

Please also see our Wild Field Programs page for unique, immersive outdoor experiences for scouts.

Brownies WOW! Wonders of Water

This hour-long workshop focuses on water cycles, both in nature and at the aquarium. Brownies will learn about water pollution, and how the choices we make effect the natural environment. Brownies will learn practical strategies to protect clean water for both people and animals. Brownies will go on a special behind-the-scenes tour to learn about the most important tool in the aquarium: water! Brownies will learn about our water sources, how we keep our water clean, and how different water conditions affect the health of our animals. The tour will give Brownies the opportunity to see our largest exhibit, the Ocean Realm, from above! Please note: If your troop is nearing the end of the WOW! Journey, and has focused in on an area of interest, the first part of the workshop can be replaced with a topic of their choosing. (examples: coral reefs, penguins, sharks, marine animal conservation.)

Juniors aMuse
During this hour-long workshop, Juniors will learn about the many roles woman occupy in ocean science. The first part of the workshop focuses on the various careers available in oceanography, field biology, and in aquariums. Juniors will learn about how women in these occupations promote the appreciation and well-being of both wild animals and the environment as a whole. The second part of the workshop is a behind-the-scenes tour where Juniors will be able to see firsthand the workspaces of people working with animals at the aquarium. During the behind-the-scenes portion of the workshop, Juniors will also get the opportunity to see the Ocean Realm exhibit, home to sharks, sea turtles, and giant stingrays, from above.

Boy Scout Oceanography Badge

The ocean is our biggest resource, and also one of the least understood. In the Oceanography workshop, scouts will learn about what makes the ocean so important. Topics covered include salinity, tides, and ocean animals of New Jersey. Scouts will perform an experiment to observe microorganisms in a local waterway, and discuss ways in which scientists study oceans and rivers. Scouts will learn to use various lab equipment and make hypothesis.

Webelos Naturalist Badge

All living things are dependent on their environment. In the Naturalist workshop, scouts will learn about ecosystems (local and global) and food webs. Topics covered include habitats, food webs, and poisonous and venomous plants and animals of New Jersey. Scouts will create a micro-ecosystem, and discuss how changes in a food web effect all animals in the web. This workshop includes live animals.

Please call 856-361-1023 or email for more information or to reserve your program.

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